Birmingham: Ikon Gallery/Tapas bar review

1 Oozells Square

Brindleyplace,Birmingham, B1 2HS

+44 (0) 121 248 0708

I`ve been living in Birmingham for a couple of months before I noticed, that the Ikon Gallery, located in the heart of Brindleyplace and it has a Tapas bar. Strangly it wasnt advertised, and to be honest I didnt see many people dining there. In a city like Birmingham, where restaurant and pub-chains grow in every corner, its very pleasent to find a gem like the Ikon Gallery.

I have to admit Im a big fan of tapas food, but other then some restaurant chains, I didnt see much culture of these nice spanish foods in the city. The chains can be nice as well, but the ones in the city didnt really convince me to go back for meals. I may have ordered thye wrong things, but everything tasted exactly the same.

So, one night, I was reading the “Birmingham eats” venue page about the presenters, when i saw the Ikon Gallery. I was a bit surprised of course, and googled their menu straight away. Not only they are doing tapas, but the price is very much reasonable as well, with a very nice express lunch offer.  So one sunny sunday afternoon I went to check it out.

Very nice location, in the middle of Brindleyplace (trendy entertainment area in the city), at the beautiful Oozells Square, where, if we go around april, can be covered in 1000`s of falling cherry blossoms. The citys some famous restaurants are located here as well. The weather is surprisingly nice and sunny.Im sitting outside with my laptop (not really the date i was hoping for, but hey) the cafe also has free wi-fi, which is pretty rare in this city. I have to admit, theres no crowd, but the place is not empty. By the service I can tell the people dining there are very much regular. The wait staff is nice.  Im ordering Patatas Bravas, Chorrizo Pathe, and Chicken liver with dried plums. The pathe is there in no time, with some fresh bread, compering to how much it costs is a pretty big porsion. It tastes lovely, im a big fan of spicy food.  Now im thinking, i might strugle a littlebit with finishing my meal, if everything is going to be so hearty and big. Then comes the Patatas Bravas (Thick chips, with spicy tomato sauce) . The tomato sauce is a big surprise. Its very well seasoned and theres plenty of it on the potatoes. So far everything is very deleicious. Finally the chicken liver,  for a hungarian like me is a rare treasure to find liver on the menu in England, which is not pathe or parfait. Its nice and saucy, plenty of liver, it tastes perfect with the sweetness of the plums.

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For all of this with a drink i payed about 13 Pounds, i think thats a really good deal. They have a tapas selection for an express lunch for 7.95, choice of 3 tapas, thats also good to know. If its nice weather is a perfect spot for a date, or just to hang out to read the newspaper, or to have a chat with friends. They have live music on tuesday nights, where the musician plays gypsy and flamenco music, check out their venue page. If You are in Birmingham, its a must try!

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