Recipe: Deep fried summer squash, with grilled garlic salad and Wasabi-mayo.

The summer squash is a very popular dish in Easter Europe. Also, in Hungary people like to deep-fry everything. Pretty much you take anything from cheese till liver, you role it flour, than egg-wash after in breadcrumbs, we are going to eat it. These dishes can be found everywhere, in any restaurant, take away, or cafe. As some summer vegetables growing, the variety is even bigger. Zucchini, eggplant is on the menu as well. So is the summer squash, or grey zucchini-with an-other name. It`s also growing from a bush, with a big yellow flower on the top. It`s almost like a zucchini flower, but unfortunately, it`s not edible. It`s a nice fruit, most commonly it is used for a stew, mixed with fresh dill.

And of course there`s the deep fried version. As its core is thicker then zucchinis, we have to take it off before frying, also we need to take the seeds out from the middle. Slice it up, its going to look like a white pineapple slice. Roll it one flour, egg-wash, and fresh breadcrumbs. Also Eastern-European breadcrumbs are a bit different from the ones I saw in Australia or England. If you have some dry bread at home, just grind it, and store it covered in a dry cool place.

Before frying you can also add some extra seasoning to the crumbs. Like parmesan cheese, some add grinded nuts, or you can also try some exotic spices. For this one I used harissa seasoning and green aleppo peppers. This mix, makes our meal a bit spicy, and it`s perfect with the wasabi-mayo.

Just drop the squash in hot oil, and fry till its golden brown.

The salad is very simple. Wash the lettuce, make sure You properly dry it. Get a handful of garlic cloves, and fry them in a pan over some butter. Slice up some sundried tomato. Mix this all together with a bit of fresh lemon juice and olive oil.

It`s a very easy, and nice summer meal or snack. I`m sure everyone will love it!

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