Baska, Croatia- in words and pictures.

The city of Baska is located on the very bottom of the Krk-island, Croatia. For many years it`s been a well loved spot for family campsites, and budget cutters. Cos of its location its popular among Hungarians, Slovenians, Germans, Italians, Slovakians and Polish. But of course it`s not an excuse for running into Aussies or Americans.  The city has a beautiful beachside, the water is always sapphire blue, and hills around it always give a pleasant view. It`s also nice to see that there is a nice part of the Adriatic sea, the water o the Italian side is very dirty, and has a not too welcoming brown colour. Also the German tourists love top leave their rubbish everywhere. Here, it`s a lot better, the water is clean, the beachside is also well kept. The only downside is, there are rocks, many rocks, little, medium, and big rocks. From now on its understandable why Crocks are so popular, and here it`s not even a bad idea wearing it.  Everything is in walking distance, the town has a nice old town/fisherman`s town area, with shops, and pubs, plenty of campsites, hotels and restaurants.  If the weather is nice, we can easily spend a week here soaking under the sun at days and having a nice dinner at nights. But what if it`s raining?

Yeah, I wasn`t too lucky. For 3 days straight as i was there for a long weekend, the sun only shined for about 1 hour, followed by a massive rain and strong, cold wind. Here comes the question, what can You do on a seaside little town if there`s raining, or the weather is bad? Well, if You are strong enough, you can go swimming. Luckily, I wasn`t the only one who had this idea, so, I didn`t look too rediciolus in the cold water. In the mornings it was nice, when most people still had their breakfast, and the water was calm and looked so untouched, like it was there only for me to discover.  If you are in the water, swimming is essential, cos it is cold, but after 4-5 minutes of intense moving around, you going to be fine.

You can get drunk. It`s easy, if you are with friends, sometimes it`s even a must. If you don`t have your own alcohol at home, it will take you at average 2-3 minutes of walking to get to a shop/bar/pub/restaurant. It`s probably the easiest thing to do in Baska, getting hammered. Karlovacko beer is nice, usually around 16 HRK for a pint. Croatian wine is nice, don`t hesitate to buy some at the shops. There are cocktail bars as well. Now, this is something I don`t really recommend, if you are a bit of a snob, and you usually know what you ordering or how your drink has to look like. Baska bartenders have their way to fuck up even the easiest drink. So a “Cuba Libre” is what I can recommend at these bars, don`t even hope for a decent “Singapore Sling” or “Bahama Mama2.

You can eat. As I mentioned, there are bakeries, shops, restaurants, gelaterias, road side burger vans, food, food, food is everywhere. Well, this could be a foodie paradise, but it turns out not. I mean the offer at the restaurants bakeries etc is nice. But they have the same things everywhere. there are some extreme flavours of gelato like the red bull one, or you can try langos with nutella ( fried dough is best with cheese and sour creme)  But really, it`s the same everywhere. You can have a nice tour around the city`s bakeries to try who`s burek is the nicest, until you get irritated even by the thought of it. You can have gelatos at every corner, or chips out of a cone. at some point it`s even useless to read the menu. There will be fish, cevapcici, wiener-snitzel, pizza, and roasted whole pork and lamb.  Every place has pizzas, pastas risottos, mixed fish plates. The Italian influence on the food here is pretty big. it is a fisherman`s town anyway so seafood lovers will feel themselves in paradise. On the other hand the prices have increased in the last couple of years. So a dinner will cost you about 110HRK minimum. Not even the food offers are the same, but they usually look and taste exactly the same as well. So where to eat? Where the most people are dining at the same time. This theory usually works well.

You can also relax and enjoy the view, hoping the sun will come out soon.

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