Apple risotto Arancini balls aka. Leftover creativity

Arancini balls are yum, easy and fantastic snacks. And if we have some leftover risotto, or rice it can be easily done. The variations or the seasoning it`s up to you of course. In Italy they prefer the melted cheese, and the tomato base. In Sicily they prefer the big balls, with meet filling inside.

This version of mine is from my leftover apple risotto recipe here:

All You need to do is:

In a saucepan heat up the risotto, with some butter

Add mozarella cheese (or any cheese which melts easily)

Mix it well together

Add some more seasoning if you like

Take off from heath and add 2 egg yolks (whatch out you don`t want scrambled eggs in your rise)

Roll small balls out of it

Roll it in breadcrumbs

Fry them in hot oil!


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