Brussels: Brasserie la Clef d`Or

Brasserie la Clef d`Or

Place du Jeu-de-Balle 1 Marolles

Brussels Brasserie la Clef d`Or

Brussels Brasserie la Clef d`Or

Belgian chocolate, Beer, Waffle, Smurfs, many things a country can be famous for, and yet have such an unknown cousine, why unknown? As they don`t have one. Ok I know it’s a bit harsh, but lets face it, it is true. As Belgium and it`s capital can be the dream destination for sweet-lovers and dessert enthusiasts, as much that’s all the city has to offer culinary vise. Also even in some restaurants we have to watch out , as Brussels famous restaurant street, which offers lunch and dinner menus is just a giant rip-off. If look carefully all the menus are exactly the same, and our food will come out of the freezer, into the microwave and on our plates, all this for 12 euros least. Of course you can eat well, and have a tasty dinner and in the city, but in this case some local advise from a friend or from a hotel, or guide is very necessary. Still, you’ll find almost the same things everywhere. The city is undergoing a Spaghetti Bolognese and Chilli con Carne phase, so try and not be too picky. On the other hand you will find a chip shop almost on every corner, if you are not too adventurous, it can be a nice substitute for a couple of meals.

Brussels Brasserie la Clef d`Or

Frambois Beer at Brasserie la Clef d`Or

Brussels Brasserie la Clef d`Or

Onion soup with cheese at Brasserie la Clef d`Or

Brasserie la Clef d`Or, is one those places, where you would`nt just walk-in, well, first as it looks a bit dirty, and you are not really sure they cook there. But it might be your best meal in Brussels.   somewhere between the main train station and the city center. So it is a little bit off the radar, despite the local flea market which is right next to it. As we walk in, we already see, yes most of the people here are locals. Some don`t even order, just take their seat, and a beer will be served to them immediately. The staff is friendly, and the service is quite fast. And yes, there`s food, of course not a huge variety of it, but right enough for a bistro. The Brasserie is famous of it`s home-made soups, and the stoemp. What is a stoemp? It`s a traditional Belgian and dutch mashed potato with some other root vegetables included, like broccoli, or leek. Here it’s served on a slice of bread,with some fried bacon.  Theres of course Bolognese and chili on the menu. Also a few version of croque`s. But let me say, in Brussels I was disappointed in the croque monsieur. As it is only toasted cheese and ham sandwich, and there’s no bechamel inside, and no butter-parmesan crust. The onion soup here was very nice, served with some fresh baguette, the stoemp was big and filling, the beer was nice and cold. My fixation is the Frambois beer which is raspberry beer, it is nice sweet and sour, must try!

Brussels Stoemp at Brasserie a la clef d`Or

Stoemp avec Lard

The restaurant is one of those places where you just want to hang out, with friends, or just sit down and read a book. It does have a friendly and cosy atmosphere, and I pretty much wanted to stay there all day. If you are in Brussels, it would a mistake to leave it out!


One Comment to “Brussels: Brasserie la Clef d`Or”

  1. wonderfull resume of this brasserie mais…savez vous que je vis a l etranger et que le monde entier a acces a ces informations,ce que j essaie de vous dire est….pourquoi ne pas tout simplement leur parler discretement de la place etant un peux sale…..donne leur une chance d arranger le probleme car je penserais deux fois meme si c est tres bon d aller la bas si je sais que la place n est pas tres propre….ont parle d une place qui offre des repas…donc cas dois etre parfaitement propre….donner leur la chance d aranger avant de faire une publicitee mondiale via l internet….sorry pour les fautes d hortographe,ca faix longtemps que j aie quittee……sorry de vous dire ca malgrer que vous avez faix un merveilleux travail a ecrire les bonnes choses de chez eux……..seulement partager mon opinion…best regards….

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