Recipe: Carrot creme soup with cocnut creme and sweet chili.

Carrot creme soup with coconut creme and sweet chili..

..which actually was ment to be a butternut squash soup (one of my favourites), but the local supermarket was out of squash that day. Pity…, not long ago though, one of the hungarian bloggers I follow Hinyenc, has added the recipe of his “carrotcoconut and coriander” soup on to his blog. carrot and coriander are pretty much “friends forever” when it comes to soup, but I really liked the coconut idea, which I thought would go perfect with butternut.  I added the sweet chili because spicy butternut is even better, but I didn`t really wanted it to be too hot for taste. Also I only vaguely read Hinyenc`s recipe, during then I didn`t had much time so I only looked at the title. Looking at it now, my soup, is quite different in recipe, for starts I used butter..plenty of it. It`s my fetish when it comes to creme soup, it has to be there.  the other endless love are onions,  you gotta love`em! I found that some chopped spring onions on top, not just look pretty nice, but it goes well, especially if they are really fresh and crunchy. Also the only vegetables I used where carrots and onions, in his recipe celery and red onions are present as well, also spices..plenty more of it like curry, caraway seeds, dried shredded coconut. So actually Im really interested how his version tastes like. I guess if you like the general idea both recipes can be followed.

Ingredients for 4-5 people

2 medium white onions (roughly chopped)

100g of butter

4-5 medium-big carrots (peeled, chopped)

100ml of coconut creme

handful of fresh coriander

salt/white pepper

150ml of sweet chili sauce

spring onions for deco

  • Heat the butter in a medium saucepan. When meted, add the butter, and cook until soft. Make sure the onion doesn`t turn brown. Add the carrots, and continue cooking.Dont forget to simmer, so the vegetables don`t stick or burn.
  • Add the coconut milk, and a bit of water, so it would cover the carrots, reduce the heat, put a lid on, and cook carrots until soft.
  • When soft, take it off heat, pure it with food processor.  Add the sweet chili and pure it together. Bring it back to boil, adding a bit of water. (you can add more water if your soup is too thick, just make for your own taste)
  • Add salt/pepper
  • When almost ready add a spoon of butter, it will give soup shiny, silky look..
  • Serve it with fresh spring onions, sweet chile, and garlic baguette-if yo like! Enjoy.

3 Comments to “Recipe: Carrot creme soup with cocnut creme and sweet chili.”

  1. Carrot soup with coconut cream? Thats creative all right. i would sure like to have a taste!

  2. It’s coming up to winter here and that soup looks perfect for the ridiculously cold nights we have been having! I’m a sucker for soups built around a coconut cream base, yum!

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