Recipe: Herb rosti with grilled vegetables and feta cheese!

And an other vegetarian treat. Weird thing is, I’m not a vegetarian, but I do love vegetables, salads, and fruits. I can`t wait to eat at New York`s “Whole food market” again, the salad bar just  blew my mind:) On the other hand, I`m the one in the kitchen who has to come up with the vegetarian meals all the time. Dunno why, maybe they think, if I`m the only female, I should do all the “girly food”. To be honest, I don`t think vegetarian meals are “girly” at all. This general thinking of some people ” I must eat meat, otherwise the food is shit” it`s kind of ridiculous. I love putting these people up to a challenge. I give them a delicious meal, they like it, eat it, compliment it..after that I ruin their mood by telling them “sorry dude, it was a vegetarian dish” Sometimes the general reaction is “OMG I gotta go to eat half of a cow now”, but if I get just one positive feedback, I’m fine with it. Don`t get me wrong, I`m not trying to convince people to be vegetarians, I’m just simply annoyed by meat being overrated and vegetarian food tagged “girly”.

To be honest with you, the morning I created this meal, I had no idea what or how I’m going to do it. I went for a “safari” among the fridges, and started collecting stuff. To be honest, that day, we were almost out of everything, so I didn`t had much to chose from. When Ive put down everything on the table, ideas came in to mind, and started to put a recipe together.  Potatoes I had plenty, and I didn`t make any rosti for a while.  When all of a sudden it was all clear. I make big pancake sized rosti and fill it with Julienne grilled vegetables, and some feta cheese. It was soooo easy to make and the result was absolutely delicious. It’s a great and easy meal. Nice and filling too!

Ingredients (3-4 portion)

3 medium potatoes

2 eggs

half a kg of white flour

3 cloves of garlic, chopped

salt, pepper, fresh herbs

For the filling I used just a little bit of these:

carrots, parsnip, red bell pepper, red onions, spanish onions, mushroom- all thinly or Julienne sliced.

200 g of feta cheese crumbles

Great the potatoes in a bowl. Add eggs, seasoning, garlic, mix well together, add flour, mix well. If the mix is too dry add some milk, or sour creme. It has to be a bit runny, but not as much as a pancake mix. Oil a frying pan, make it very hot. Ad a spoonful from the potato mix, and push it evenly among the sides. Make sure it`s not thicker then 3 mm. Fry both sides. Set aside.

In an other pan, fry all your vegetables on very hot oil. It needs to be sizzling hot otherwise your vegetables cook instead of frying. Add salt, pepper. From here you can add any other seasoning you wish.

When ready, fill the rosti with vegetables, only on one side. Add feta cheese and fold over.

Ps: it`s great with some pesto-sour creme dipping sauce!




2 Comments to “Recipe: Herb rosti with grilled vegetables and feta cheese!”

  1. That looks really hearty even without meat.

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