Recipe: Apple Risotto (pt.2) with Gorgonzola cheese

Once, a few months ago I already posted an apple risotto recipe. Since I cooked it a few times, in many variations, and just can`t belive in how many ways this delicious meal can be served or to be made.

Also nowadays I stopped adding creme to my risotto! I always used creme, that`s what I learned, but since, especially with plenty of italian influence, I realised it`s not so important. If you do it right, you don`t need the creme. I like them better now. The only thing is, now I add some butter at the end, it really brings out the taste, and gives a beautiful silky color!

Lats couple of days, I had a massive kitchen just for myself, and now I`m working on a big big project. It`s so big, everyday after working on it I realise it`s way over me, and can`t even belive I`m doing it. Also trying to improve my photography skills, I think I`m getting better. Also working completely alone gave me the patience to take the shots, and not just rush over them.

Adding the gorgonzola to the risotto, came a couple of days ago, when I noticed the fresh cheese, at one of the local markets. It just looked so delicious. So we had it for dinner with some fruits, strawberries, and crackers and apples. They went fantastic together, the soft runny cheese with the fresh crunchy apple was a match made in heaven. Then I started apple, risotto, wow GORGONZOLA! It must be tried out!  And yes it works just as nice as I thought it will be. The recipe is sooo easy, and fast, and so gourmet, you could impress anyone coming over for dinner!

Ingredients (for 2-3 people)

20g butter

2 shallots brunoise

3 cloves of brunoise garlic

100ml rose or white wine (dry)

150 g arborio rise

2 fresh apples, peeled, chopped in small cubes

150 g Gorgonzola cheese

salt, white pepper

fresh thyme

about 1 liter warm vegetable stock

In a medium saucepan melt butter, add shalots, stir and cook. Make sure the shallots don`t burn or turn brown. Add the apples and the garlic, stir, and soften the apples a little bit. Add white wine or rose wine. Add rice, and stir. Cook for a couple of minutes and start adding the stock, not more than 1 cup a time. You need to reduce the heat and stir occasionally, so the rice doesn’t burn. Whet the liquid is reduced, add an other cup of stock, repeating untill the risotto is ready. You`ll know when it`s good, when the middle is still only a little bit crunchy. Don`t overcook! When ready add the salt, white pepper, and thyme for taste!

Meanwhile, your risotto is cooking, melt the cheese over bain marie, stirring occasionally.

Serve the cheese on top of the risotto!


Ps: It`s amazing with some fresh bread, and garlic butter, and some wine on the side!


7 Responses to “Recipe: Apple Risotto (pt.2) with Gorgonzola cheese”

  1. Would you be interested in exchanging blogrolls links with my site? Please email me if you are interested

  2. Love gorgonzola, but have never tried it in a risotto. I bet it’s fantastic. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Good luck on your project. I’m looking forward to more of your recipes. I never would have thought to melt the Gorgonzola and pour it over the risotto. YUM! I’m going to need to try the recipe very soon.

  4. That sounds delicious! I like your idea of adding Gorgonzola to the risotto!


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