Recipe: deep fried Mars bars!

Well, I remember when I moved to Sydney and entered to one of Bondi`s infamous chip shops, and noticed this Mars bar treat on the menu, I wasn`t convinced. Back then, I wasn`t really adventurous. Also I wasn`t convinced after 1 year as well, I thought I try and try and try later later later… Never happened.  And I was finishing college and finishing with Australian living and thought I must try this once, this and gambling.

The fried Mars bar was surprisingly good, before I tried to imagine how it might taste, I was close,but my imaginary version wasn`t nearly as good. Let me start, the dessert doesn`t taste as bad as it sounds. Actually it`s kinda delicious. The chocolate melts well with the batter, which still holds the whole thing together, it`s almoust like a chocolate filled doughnut, but much better! Anyway, you must try!

Of course the Aussies say it`s their invention, but I’ve been noted by a few people, that it`s oridinated to Scotland, and it`s a popular part of the chip shops “healthy diet”. Wikipedia says the same thing. Anyway I never been, and the Aussies and the Scots can argue on this as much as they want.  Today it`s been tested on 30 sweet loving people, who were very satisfied.


4 Mars bars

150 g self raising flour

150g dry coconut

2 eggs

1 cup milk

pinch of salt

plenty oil for frying.

Keep Mars bars in fridge before frying.

Make batter, with flour, coconut, milk, egg and salt in a bowl. It needs to b a bit thicker then a pancake mix. Just like any other batter.

Heat oil.

Take mars bars out of the fridge,, (remove packaging of course..) roll into flour, then dip into batter, make sure it covers the whole bar.

Gently put it in the hot oil. It has to cover the whole bar. It fries in approx. 1 minute, so make sure don`t burn.

It it straight up, maybe with some vanilla ice cream!


8 Comments to “Recipe: deep fried Mars bars!”

  1. Don’t get me wrong, this sounds great. But this post gives me a chuckle. I live in the south and if something can be fried it will be. I once saw a fry party at an office where someone brought grapes to be healthy. Those went in the batter too.

  2. I totally believe that this would be delicious! I had a deep fried Twix before and it was pretty good. I think I may have to try this especially because the batter recipe is different than others I’ve seen. 🙂 I really like this. I should surprise the kids this weekend by actually frying something!

    I hope you are having a good day!

  3. you are right, who cares about where they originate from? I had a fried Mars bar once in my life while i was holidaying in Singapore. And boy, were they yummy. I guess i will give your recipe a shot. thanks for sharing!

  4. This sounds like a delicious dessert for a special (and not fancy) event! I love the addition of coconut. Sounds like it’d be interesting in combo with the Mars.

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