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March 6, 2011

Recipe: Fried Tomato stuffed Mozzarella rings with pesto-potato salad!

Here I am back on fried food again! Thou this recipe is very wast and easy and a great lunch…even kids wh don`t like tomato would eat them! :)The pesto-potato salad idea is from Sydney, it`s so popular among deli shops, taste great as well. Theres plenty you can add to it..the most popular extras still mushrooms, parmesan shavings, and sun-dried tomatoes. But the pure pesto-mayo mix is good as well. When new potatoes are going to be in season, it`s better to use those thou, sliced in small cubes, and fried a bit after cooking with the skin on.

The tomato-mozzarella rings, I`ve been serving for a while as a vegetarian dish, and people just love them. Here it’s better to use, not such a good quality mozzarella, and it`s not really going to work out with buffalla..that one has way too much liquid in it. So try to buy dry cheese, which supermarkets sell as pizza-topping. Slice about 0.5-1 cm thick rings, try to keep the tomato thin as well.

Don`t forget you need to batter, the rings least twice, taking special care at the sides, so it won`t fall apart during frying.

Ingredients (for 2 people)

6 thin even slices of fresh ripe tomato

6 thin even slices of dry mozzarella cheese

breadcrumbs, egg wash, flour – for batter

Potato salad

4-5 pieces of potatoes

home-made or 1 small bottle of green pesto

1 cup of mayo

1 cup sour creme

salt, white pepper, basil

Cook the potatoes, with skin on. Cool, peel, and slice in 2 cm big cubes. Mix the pesto together with mayo and sour creme. Add potatoes, and season. Keep in fridge.

Put 1 tomato slice between 2 mozzarella slices, evenly in the middle. Batter. First in flour, then egg was, then bread crumbs. Remember you need to do the egg was-breadcrumb part least once more, until the mix covers the slices well.

Fry in deep VERY hot oil, until golden!

Serve with the salad.. goes well with chilled Rose wine!


September 8, 2010

Recipe- Mushroom and Pesto puffs

pesto -mushroom puff

pesto-mushroom in puff pastry

Who doesn’t like fresh pastry in the morning? nowadays we are spoiled with varieties of pies and deliciously filled puff pastries in the mornings on the street or at train stations or at our local deli shop. Also we don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen rolling our own puff pastry even if it’s a very rewarding excercise, and can just easily grab a ready rolled one in the supermarket. We can take it home and fill it with anything we got or desire.

I used to make these ones to my ex-boyfriend, he loved them..i had to keep baking and baking and once I stopped and we broke up. Hahah ok I’m only joking but he and our guest just loved them. I also havent made these for a while, the apartment I was renting for a while in Birmingham wasn`t really chef-friendly meaning it was impossible to cook in it! I moved home and I realised im missing something, yes the MUSHROOM PUFFS!!! It is a  crowd pleaser, also they are easy to make.  They are a bit tricky cos, you can easily finish a whole tray while just having a chat with someone.

Ingredients (12-15 pcs)

frozen or fresh sheets of puff pastry from supermarket (or your own rolled one)

2 handful of mushrooms-sliced (if you mix mushrooms it’s even better for a nicer look and taste)

1 egg

half of an onion-diced

3 spoons of basil pesto

a bit of parmesan cheese

  • Over medium heat cook the onions for 2 minutes, add the mushroom, cook until ready.
  • Mix the mushrooms with the pesto
  • roll out the puff pastry, slice about  5-6 cm squares, place a small spoon of mushroom mix in the middle
  • brush with egg mix
  • put it in 190C pre-heated oven for 15-20 minutes, or untill golden brown.
  • When ready, sprinkle the top with fresh parmesan.
  • Enjoy!

Tips: Always put baking paper under the pastry. Leave space between the squares as they going to double their size while baking!