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June 22, 2011

Recipe: Camembert and ruccola spring rolls with blueberry jam

When I posted my last blog entry (which is even hard for me to admit how long ago its been) I didn`t think its going to be followed by such a big break. Unfortunately after trying to do way too many things at the same time, working like a dog, I lost the motivation to write. Its silly I know, cos all of this time I been thinking about recipes to post and share, been taking pictures, developing ideas, just when it came to actually writing them down, I stared at the screen a bit empty, lazy until lets face it nothing has happened. Why Im writing this? Well today was the first time after a month I dared looking at the site stats and the comments, and I realized people do read it, and like it, subscribe and leave comments. I also realized how stupid of me was that I left what I worked for just hanging. For all of you who are reading The Wonderingchef, thank you, and lets get the recipes started. 


So, not that long ago one of my dear readers requested the following recipe: “Camambert and ruccola filled spring rolls, with blueberry jam”, after I posted a couple of pictures of food ive been working on. So to @onceuponarecipe, and of course to all of you here is the guide to the rolls.

Why did I say guide and not recipe? Well first of all the is very easy, just fill the pastry sheets with the ingredients, and there you go! The only trick is folding the pastry the right way, so it wouldnt blow or break up while frying, also the proper storage is necessary as well, otherwise the sheets get too wet or too dry, which will make them impossible to fry.

After you know the important steps, it all should be easy. The reason why I like making spring rolls, is that that you can fill the sheets with whatever you like, its going to be fun to serve and most likely delicious as well. My favorite ones are duck rolls, one we used to make in a restaurant where I worked in England (there were many days before xmas I made 200 pieces daily)- fun times!

As much I dont like repeating myself too much, I posted a spring roll recipe a couple of month ago, which you can find on this link :    here I listed all the steps which needs to be followed by making rolls. After you master that, you should be able to make all kinds of goodies, Im only listing suggestions.


These spring rolls can be either starters or desserts, lest say to a wine tasting, or just snack,, I mean after you make it you can do whatever you like 🙂

Brie or camembert cheese– to be honest you can use which ever you prefer, don`t use too expensive once or to strong or gourmet ones, First of all you are going to fry them, cheese will lose a bit of its taste, also going to melt, so dont use very runny ones, as its impossible to work with and just why would you do that to yourself?

Ruccola– fresh and crispy.

Note from all the fillings you need juts a little, lets say one slice of cheese, about half cm thick and a couple of lettuce leafs. If you put too much filling your pastry either going to break while rolling, or while frying the cheese is not going to melt completely.

Spring roll pastry sheet, and egg whites.

Hot oil for frying

Blueberry jam– if this was a perfect world, I would post my very own home made blueberry jam recipe, but its not a perfect world and let me be honest I never made jam before. So use whatever you feel like for dipping, if you take a suggestion organic! 🙂

So just click on the link and follow the steps listed in the recipe.



March 15, 2011

Spring Rolls pt1: Spinach, smoked cheese and jalapeno

I love spring rolls, I also like making them. I mastered this activity in England, when sometimes I had to make a few hundred weekly. So I guess I had my chance to practice:) Now when it comes to spring roll pastry, it`s easy to use, untill you follow a couple of easy steps, after you shouldn`t have any problems with rolling your own:) What I like about it the most is, you can fill it with whatever you want, it can be vegetarian, or sweet, or meat, or even seafood, any spice, or cheese goes well with it. It`s really up to your own creativity what you make out of it!

And again, spinach is in season, and I`m already a bit addicted to it, and thought it would be good in my spring rolls. I wanted to add some extra flavour to it thou, when I found the smoked cheese in the fridge, it would give a nice thick and rich flavour I thought. But something was missing, I’ve been thinking about adding some chilly, but that would have been way too hot, especially if someone bites on it. I still had some jalapeno left over, and slicing it into small cubes would do the trick. The filling recipe is very easy, there’s few things you need to watch out for thou. Here are the crucial points:

  1. Get rid of as much excess water from the spinach as possible
  2. Make a thick filling mix
  3. The spring roll pastry dries out very fast, so ALWAYS cover after opening, with a clean cloth. You can also sprinkle some water on the cloth, but make sure don`t make it too wet, that also damages the pastry!
  4. When filling and rolling the pastry, make sure you do it tightly, otherwise it`s going to open, or blow up while frying.
  5. In case you storing it in fridge, never put foil on top. It sweats, and damages the pastry, just leave it open on a tray, you can put some baking paper under it.
  6. Always fill with ready to eat ingredients, fry in very hot oil.

Ingredients (for 10 spring rolls)

10 sheets of spring rolls pastry, defrosted, separated. Only separate as much as you need, the leftovers, cover in foil and put it in fridge.

2 cloves of garlic

300 g fresh spinach leafs, washed

200 g smoked cheese grated

150 g jalapeno peppers, chopped.

white from 1 egg

salt, pepper.

In a frying pan, fry the spinach leafs with garlic salt and pepper, over a bit of  oil. When ready put in a colinder, and try to push out as much liquid as possible.

Transfer in a bowl, and mix with cheese and jalapeno.

With your hands fold your mix into 10 individual batches, about 5 cm long rolls.

Put down 1 pastry, 1 angle facing you and brush the sides, with egg white, using a pastry brush. Dont put too much egg white.

Take one of your batches, put it down, to the angle facing you, fold the angle on it, firmly, start rolling up.

Stop before the middle, fold in the 2 angles, put some more egg white, and firmly start rolling to the top.

Fry in hot oil!