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January 17, 2011

New York: Chelsea Market in words and pictures

Chelsea Market

75 9th Avenue (Between 15th and 16th streets), New York

Chelsea Market Website

Chelsea Market building New York

Chelsea Market building New York

This enclosed shopping center and food court was once home of the famous Oreos, and is now one of the No.1 meeting point of the city’s gourmet food lovers. Naturally I had to visit it. If you want a piece of advise, you won`t have breakfast before you go there. The market has plenty to offer! From cupcakes to foccacia, from risotto to sushi, even if you are picky, you`ll want to try them all.

Chelsea Market, New York, Amys Bakery

Chelsea market Amy`s Bakery

Gourmet food tours, should be the best way to visit the area. The tours are available on the markets website. Unfortunately I didn’t know about these, and only discovered them when we arrived to the market, they seemed fun and interesting, and surely You can try, and taste more products this way, also you can learn some insight stories about the establishments. Next time I visit I`ll surely join one of them, but not only the market`s but whole a whole Chelsea tour.

Chelsea Market- Amy`s Bakery, Lobster`s place

Amy`s Bakery, Lobsters place, Chelsea Market New York

2 of my favourite businesses were “Amy`s Bakery” and “Lobster`s Place”- even thou I dont` eat seafood. If you are a sushi lover I would strongly recommend to pick up 1 or 2 plates of freshly made rolls there, or just look at the making process from the window. And of course fresh lobsters and plenty other seafood is available. What I liked the most, is the presentation of different products, from all around the market, everything is so organized, colourful and creative! And most of the time, open, so you can look at the production process of several bakery, or restaurants, or pretty much anything.

Chelsea Market, New York, Buon Italia

Chelsea market, New York, Buon Italia

Chelsea and it`s market should be a foodies dream destination when visiting New York Ci, it`s a nice walk from Times Square for the more adventurous tourists!


Chelsea market, New york- Buon Italia

Buon Italia, Chelsea market, New York


July 28, 2010

Bari, Italy-Market Photography

Firts time ever, during the World Cup, when Italy was still in, I visited Bari. Ive been to Italy before, many many times, but this was the firts time I saw a place which is not crowded with tourists, and You can see the local side of the citizens. Bari itself isnt really interesting, its a port and university town, with a beautiful old-town area, and of course a seaside. But if You are a chef like me, or just like to eat and enjoy food, and You want to learn a lot, its almost perfect. Puglian cooking is nice, also very healthy. All around the city theres plenty  olive-farms, and fisherman`s huts, and daily markets in the city center. There are panetterias, cafes, restaurants on every step, You can easily tell, these people like their food.

Now well, my boyfriend took me to one of these markets, which is walking distance from their apartment, and conveniently closed down one whole street in the city. I love markets, I love their vibe, how people argue, and shout, and make fun out of each other. Also I like the look of the goods, going to a market for me is very inspirational, also sometimes I get a littlebit crazy, and I want to try everything at the same time, and I just keep running around the isles. This time, Im a bit extra excited, I havent been to a nice market since ages. After spending way too much time in an industrial city, where the only available food was the ready made microvawe stuff in the supermarkets, with “fresh” fruit and vegetables only known from fairy tales.

Ok, I have to admit. I think Im the first tourist these people saw in a long time. They dont understand why Im taking photos, am I from the goverment? Or the maffia? They keep talking to me, and I dont understand a word. I dont know whats going on, what have I done wrong? My boyfriend tells me, its not really common to have foreigners here with a camera, and barese people are not really trustworthy, as somebody always wants to screw the other. Ok, well we are in Southern-Italy anyway.  I keep taking photos, some people pose for me, and want to be in the picture, some people tell me off. Either way, its fun.

The goods here are fantastic. Some things are just so mediterranean, the figs, the zucchini flowres, the fresh mussles from the sea, and the big green olives. From where I`m from these things cost a fortune, and we re lucky if they are available. I wish I had a kitchen to cook at, I could feed an army with these.  At some things I just stop and stare, like the massive basils, that the guy is just throwing down the ground from his truck, or the massive fresh mussles from a very generous 2Euros/kg price. Also at this moment there are about 30 people making fun out of me or staring at me. Luckily I`m not alone.