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April 25, 2011


Well it`s been 2 weeks since my last post, I’m not really proud of it though! Plenty of things going on here, work and work and work, which is not bad, so I`m not complaining, just wish I had some more time (or energy)  for blogging. But, of course I`ve been cooking, and taking pictures, so soon plenty of new recipes coming your way! Thank you for the visits and comments, and hopefully you`ll all be back for more!


The Wonderingchef

Ps: Here are some pictures about the future recipes!

Brie and Ruccola Spring rolls with blueberry jam!

I`ll see you after eight cupcake!

Feta Cheese pockets

Feta Cheese Pockets!

January 16, 2011

I will blog and post everyday in 2011!

I just read wordpress`s announcement for the challenge. I guess this is something that I actually needed, last couple of months because of the work I`ve been doing, blogging came second, or didn`t come at all. Leaving me with plenty of pictures and material and ideas I would like to share.

So, I know it`s not going to be easy, and sometimes I`m  going to be lazy, or not in the mood, but if I want to take writing and blogging seriously, I should really join, and push myself. So, if you just passing trough, or a frequent reader of the blog, your comments, and ideas are welcome! Wish me luck, it`s going to be an interesting ride!

Thank You for reading!

The Wondering Chef